Case Studies


Close Protection Detail 

King Safety and security Ltd was engaged by a client based in the Middle East to provide a protection detail for his daughter, while she spent time in the UK.

This was a predominantly London based project with some travel. The client was a head of state, and in the past his immediate family had faced both unwanted press attention and had encountered issues with surveillance and intimidation.

Having met with the client and his representatives, we developed a package consisting of a close protection team for his daughter, a residential security team for the residence, and security trained chauffeurs to ensure the safest possible travel during vehicle moves to and from regular locations and various social engagements.

This team consisted of:

Close Protection Operatives
Security Drivers
Residential Security Operatives 
Ad-hoc counter surveillance teams 
Ad-hoc technical surveillance countermeasure teams for sweeps 
The provision of suitable vehicles, changed at regular intervals to aid discretion

KSS’s involvement with this client organically grew to include the protection of the rest of the wider family whilst in the UK and other locations, resulting in KSS being the sole supplier of private security services for the private office of the family. 

Residential Security Client

In 2018 a KSS protection officer was approached by a chauffeur at an event, who explained that his long term high-net worth clients were concerned for their safety at home, due to a recent spate of particularly violent home invasion robberies locally. 

The husband and wife’s concerns were explored in depth during the meeting, and a security survey of their country estate was conducted the same day. Potential weaknesses in the current limited security setup were identified, and a selection of security options were presented.

KSS provided a 24 hour residential security team that are all medically trained to a minimum of First Person on scene intermediate level, to manage access, patrol the grounds, and deter and detain any intruders. 

Music Artist on Tour 
KSS were asked by a tour management company to provide a traveling close protection operative for their music artist. 

This artist was a headline act and her worldwide stadium tour was sold out. Having protected a touring music artist before, the company director of KSS understood the specific challenges and intricacies of providing effective security for a star under great pressure to perform despite a gruelling schedule and was able to supply the correct operative to cater for these needs.

Positive feedback quickly filtered through from the tour manager, and the artist soon became relaxed with and confident in her security. 

Local Government Security
KSS was asked to provide a close protection operative for gas inspectors visiting local authority housing.

Some addresses were ‘red flag’ addresses listed as having difficult or obstructive tenants, and the threat and risk assessment dictated the requirement for security to be present during forced entries to these addresses.

Regular reviews were conducted of processes and protocols for the continued safety and welfare for all of the council personnel involved. 



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