What We Do

KSS prides itself on providing the highest levels of bespoke protection for our clients, by effectively utilising a range of different services. The below details areas that we commonly work in, however, if you have a specific requirement that is not listed below, please do contact us to discuss further.

Global Intelligence Solutions

Knowledge is power. The ability to access reliable, timely intelligence can entirely change your response options and therefore the entire outcome of an event.

By using artificial intelligence-led datamining systems to constantly search over 13,000 web-based platforms simultaneously, and our 24 hour bank of ex-military intelligence analysts at our global operations centre, we are able to gather, verify and deliver information relating to potential threats to our clients worldwide as they develop.

This information is passed to our clients via our report updates or our live alert service, ensuring they are informed, protected and supported.

Combined with access to historical data of incidents spanning the past 5 years to establish comparisons and trends, and our 24-hour operational consultants and rapid deployment capability, KSS is able to give its clients a very significant world class advantage in the management and mitigation of risk.   

Secure People

For those potentially at risk, we provide adaptable close protection solutions according to threat, risk, location, and budget.

These services range from an unobtrusive individual travelling bodyguard, to a full close protection team with advance party.
We can also supply 24 hour residential security teams, and armoured vehicles with security drivers, to ensure maximum protection for those who need it.

We can implement exactly the right security solution, short or long-term, in proportionate response to mild or the most severe of threats, to keep you, your family, or your client safe.

Secure Assets

Ensuring that your properties and/or assets are suitably protected is paramount.

We provide personnel to guard your homes, businesses, infrastructure, venues, yachts, sensitive data, and any other area, space, or equipment deemed as valuable or at risk of theft or compromise.

We can also ensure the secure transportation of high value/sensitive documents, items or cargo.

The physical hardening of residences, premises or installations is something that is of a concern to many of our clients. We will carry out audits and provide the subsequent provision of any systems necessary such as; alarms, camera systems, physical barriers and deterrents, safe rooms, and manned guarding options..

Corporate and Private Investigation

Surveillance allows for discrete evidence gathering and allows us to build an intelligence picture. We are able to provide surveillance teams for the purposes of gathering information and also counter surveillance teams in order to identify surveillance, or “watch the watchers”.

It’s always best practice to conduct due diligence background checks on individuals or organisations you will be, or are working closely with, whilst employing technical surveillance countermeasures, commonly known as "bug sweeps” can give peace of mind at home, at the office, in the car, and on your yacht or aircraft.

If your requirement is more personal, we can assist with missing person tracing, or kidnap for ransom resolution.

Vehicle Hardening

Due to the increased level of violent carjackings and robberies in the UK and Europe, KSS now offer a bespoke stage 1 vehicle hardening service.

Less expensive and more convenient than a fully armoured car, this service offers a commensurate level of protection in accordance with the majority of threats most people could face in an urban environment.

Starting with a security window film that can withstand repeated blunt force strikes with a hammer for up to a minute, the service also extends to run-flat tyres, medical trauma kits, fire fighting equipment, remotely monitored CCTV, live GPS, and a vehicle based panic button.

Your car can be collected with our zero contact service, hardened, and delivered back to you in just 24 hours. Security window film service is also available for glass used in the home, or commercial buildings.

If you are interested in this service, or would like a quote for a fully armoured vehicle, please contact us. 

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