What are threat based open source intelligence (OSINT) alerts?

In 2020 King safety and security (KSS) decided to complement its close protection, (aka executive protection, bodyguarding) and investigations services with a dedicated, in-house threat intelligence alerting and analysis service.

During several years of operations around the world, the advantage of high quality threat and incident intelligence was obtained through a range of partners and methods. Like the majority of private security companies, we largely relied upon our client’s own access to intelligence, twinned with our unofficial network and that of our close protection operatives (bodyguards) on the ground.

This frequently worked, however it was limited and not consistently reliable. The entire ethos behind close protection (bodyguard, executive protection) services is risk mitigation, which is largely achieved by removing elements of chance and increasing opportunities to avoid spikes in risk. In short – we felt what we had wasn’t sufficient for our client’s or our close protection teams operating on the ground.

OSINT (open source intelligence) is information “drawn from publicly available material”, according to the CIA. Many intelligence experts expand that definition to include information intended for the wider public. OSINT sources include newspapers, journals, and social media.

If OSINT is so readily available, what makes it so useful?

The fact OSINT is freely available can disguise its value. You need to know where to look, quickly, and often in multiple places at once, in order to grade its credibility and to gain maximum benefit by obtaining the intelligence earlier than it is available on mainstream media.

To achieve this in our case required an artificial intelligence-based data mining (or data scraping) system, the type of which King Safety and Security (KSS) has invested in, twinned with a 24 hour intelligence analyst bank to verify, grade and disseminate this information to our close protection teams and UHNWI, corporate and celebrity clients accordingly.

What does an OSINT alert service look like?

In essence, our close protection teams and clients have access to an app which provides them with threat intelligence alerts relevant to their location or fixed assets such as offices or a residence.

KSS's threat alert intelligence analysts are able to plot a virtual geofence around those assets on a map-based intelligence platform, and then receive automated alerts of any threat-based incident reported within a bespoke radius of that asset / individual / team. KSS's intelligence analysts are then able to pass that information on via our app, email, WhatsApp, or over the phone in some cases.

Social media channels such as Twitter are a very important component in this data collating process, however the human element of intelligence analysts is crucial. This allows us to not only verify, corroborate and grade the intelligence more effectively, but also to deep dive into certain incidents, locations, trends or themes as per our client or close protection team’s request.

OSINT alert service results and practical application.

The KSS Global Intelligence threat alert service has completely revolutionised the way KSS provide private security services.

All of KSS’s clients are safeguarded by this system. So far it has meant the difference between avoiding simple inconvenience thanks to the rerouting of a client's convoy destined to be caught in a snap protest, instigated the rescheduling of planned international travel by clients intending to visit an area that rapidly became the centre of civil unrest, and our ability to access archived incident data for the past 5 years meant a client was able to identify “no go areas” of a city in South America where they were planning to purchase property and open a regional office.

King safety and security’s threat alert service is akin to taking off the blindfold. The 360 degree view it affords our close protection teams and clients can be instrumental in avoiding financial or physical crisis.

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