Why I created KSS’s own GSOC?

In our continued efforts to bring the most value to clients, operators, and the security industry as a whole, KSS has recently launched KSS: Global Intelligence.

This purpose-built global security operations centre (GSOC) is housed at our office in a converted manor house, deep in the West Essex countryside.

What is it exactly?

Our GSOC is a 24-hour manned operations centre, where mobile operational support systems (imagine a platform where we can live locate our clients, assets and operators around the world on one big map on wall mounted screens) is twinned with a geo-based threat intelligence alert service.

This alert service uses data-mining artificial intelligence to scrape open source information from the internet, and automatically alerts us to any incident within a chosen geo-fenced location of our clients, our assets, or our close protection teams anywhere in the world. This happens quickly, almost always before it is reported on mainstream media. It is then graded, verified, and disseminated as required.

The significant benefit of this dual aspect service to us as a provider of close protection teams, and externally to our clients and subscribers globally, is very clear. It’s like taking off the blindfold.

Since we began incorporating KSS Global Intelligence as standard in our close / executive protection packages, we have changed principal (client) road-move routes to avoid protest pockets, diverted a flight to a region due to civil unrest, and been able to advise our protection teams on the ground whenever serious criminality, disorder, terrorism, or C-19 level increases are reported in areas they are operating in.

Knowledge is power, and never has this been truer than in 2020.

How does this help our clients?

KSS’s GSOC affords us and our clients the two most critical gifts when faced with an imminent, ongoing, or recent incident: Time to plan, and opportunity to react. This open window can genuinely mean the difference between significant lost revenue, eye watering insurance claims, and injury or loss of life.

“Deep dive”… (to use an analysts term.) 

KSS provides 24/7 coverage of our client’s relevant locations globally. These flexible locations might be a home in New York, an office in London, an offshore drilling platform in the south china sea, a distribution centre in Germany, or multiple private security teams operating across Syria.

These assets will be geo-fenced by our system, and whenever reports matching pre-registered keywords are received within a geo fenced area, our analysts will alert the designated client via our app, or a preferred direct alert method.

These incidents are then tracked, explored and updated by our analysts as they evolve.

As an established operational security company, we are also then able to advise and assist with crisis management response options, such as an increase in physical security measures, the deployment of security teams, or the extraction of personnel, to name a few.

Location, location, location.  

Our analysts have access to over 5 years of historical threat-based incidents worldwide, so if you are planning on opening a new regional office, or need a threat and risk assessment on a certain part of a certain city, or perhaps wish to identify  and learn more about threat- based trends and themes, such as knife crime in London, or the increased reports of hand grenade incidents in Sweden - (yes, really) we can provide raw data very quickly, or a polished c-suite presentation ready intelligence report within 24 hours. 

OK, that sounds useful. How much?

Despite significant investment in analysts, alerting systems and the GSOC itself, our bandwidth allows for multiple clients and therefore the cost to each end user is not prohibitive for most.

It’s certainly not as expensive as the lost revenue of burned out offices, pirated ships, or kidnapped executives.

Insurers are also exploring a future reduction in premiums for organisations who benefit from our service.

For those clients who engage KSS to provide close protection or asset protection solutions, our GSOC access is included as part of our commitment to providing the best possible service.

Was it worth launching an intelligence equipped GSOC?

Without a doubt. As a former close protection operative for over 15 years, I can’t help but imagine how different scenarios might have played out (or not) had this service been available to me, or those above me.

For me now, it means walking (or dialling) into a meeting and knowing that we can compete with any other close protection company out there, by providing our very own 360-degree intelligence led security solution.

And that’s priceless.

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