How do I get an invite to Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

The invite – only app whose value reached $100m in under a year, is steadily taking hold and has its sights firmly set on Instagram’s perch atop the social media tower.

 The timing couldn’t be better, the thirst for meaningful social connections brought on by COVID is palpable, and Clubhouse manages to recreate that informal networking or even house party (remember those?) type of atmosphere better than any other app I’ve experienced.

Unlike the big three, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Clubhouse connects people just using audio. Once you are in, you can listen to, or join in with, conversations that are already happening, or alternatively start one of your own.

It’s much like dropping into the live recording of a podcast, but in clubhouse you can raise your hand and ask a question, or contribute to the conversation.

Is Clubhouse good for business?

 In a year where much of our business and social connections took place via Zoom, Clubhouse is a platform where eye contact, awkward interruptions, dodgy backgrounds and the need to dress up are all removed to make way for meaningful conversation.

 Once invited, you find ‘rooms’ of conversations, which you can move in or out of as you wish. So far this week I have been in conversation with Grant Cardone of Cardone Capital, and listened in to other live celebrity speakers but more importantly, a captive audience of people in my industry and potential B2B clients. The likes of Oprah, Gary Vaynerchuk and Kevin Hart are amongst the many celebrity members, but personally I find the real value lies in the potential for networking in a more personal way that has been closed to us since COVID raised its ugly head.

How do I get an invite to Clubhouse?

Not easily. The app is currently in its Beta phase, and each member is allocated two invites initially. The exclusivity of the app is still part of its allure, the chance to speak informally with influential people will always be a significant draw. Speak to people in your circle about it and ask them to look out for opportunities for you.

 Does Clubhouse deserve the hype?

 Yes. In my one weeks worth of usage, Clubhouse has given me a platform to listen to and speak with people who are interesting and interested. Voice only allows for connections in a refreshing and meaningful way, and there is definitely business to be done via this platform. Whether it will stay this way for long, once opened up to more users, is another matter.

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